Farmington Rotary's signature fundraiser, Ramble Jam, has allowed the club to support the following organizations with cash donations in 2017:
Dakota County Sheriff's Explorers program$500
Law Enforcement United$250
St. Michael's Catholic Church$500
360 Communities$7,500
Polio Plus$500
Trinity Health Campus$500
South of the River Pow Wow$1,000
Fast For Hope$500
Shelter Box$1,500
2017 student scholarships$11,000
Friends of Chimbote backpack project$2,000
360 Communities Fire & Ice$1,200
Patriotic Day$500
FHS Homecoming 2017$250
Rotary International Foundation$2,200
Add to that the approximately $20,000 we'll give back to local community groups from Ramble Jam this year, and our total cash donations for 2017 are almost $50,000. Now that's Ramble Jam in action!